My Adventures at EUCROMA

This blog is dedicated to recording not only the work I will be creating while studying at EUCROMA (European Cross Media Acadamy) but also the adventures and experiences I had alongside. Hopefully it’ll give you an insight in to how I spent the four and half months of my life studying abroad!

Incase you haven’t heard of it before, EUCROMA is an international training program in development of cross / transmedia projects, which integrates digital animation and games. The main focus is on creating story worlds, pipelines and cross media collaboration. You can find out more about the program here: EUCROMA

For the first four weeks of EUCROMA, I worked as part of an editorial board, designing a film and a game before moving in to role of film director, coordinating a team of nearly 40 people alongside the game directors. I then worked as an Animation lead, one of three, and collaboratively we manage a team of 11 people, including riggers and animators.

You can use the pages above to filter the content. There’s a page for EUCROMA work, all the content I created inside university time, a page for fun and adventures (which is everything else I got up too) and a page for my Spatial Constructs Project, a project I had to complete for my University course back home. If you want to read all three, just stay with this page.

Unfortunately my time at EUCROMA is now over, but I am involved in another project called Dare to be Digital, an international game making competition with the chance to win a BAFTA. You can follow my progress at:


Day 136: Moving On

After four and a half months, it’s finally time for me to leave EUCROMA, Copenhagen and head back to Scotland. As happy as I am to be coming home and seeing my friends and family; it hurts so much to say goodbye to my new family. We have had our ups and downs (thankfully its mainly been ups), but we’ve always been there together. I want to thank everyone here so much. I’ve learnt so much from all of you, from technical skills to Smash Bros. to Pathfinder to living alone, and I’ve grown so much because of you. Words alone can’t express how much I am going to miss all of you, and how much you mean to me.

I hope this song helps explain how I feel:

I’m not going to say goodbye, as I really believe this isn’t the end. The world, and industry, is so small now, I’m sure we will run into each other again at some point. And even though I have just left, someday I will be on my way back:

I couldn’t not finish on a Disney song, could I?

Day 135: Last Day

The last place on list of places to visit: the lock bridge! After scouring a near by mall, Bryan and I finally managed to find a padlock!


In four months of living here, I have never seen any of the bridges raise, turns out we were on the right boat at the right time.


The boat causing all the fuss:


More fun at the #HappyWall – this time Space Invaders. You know you have done a cool piece of art, when after you stand back from it, other people get their photo taken in front of what you have just created. Never felt so proud!


Okay, so who looks better in the ears?


Yeah, so I got my Disney fix today 😀


Day 134: Celebrations

I haven’t mentioned yet, but there’s been another music festival in Refshaleoen: Copenhell. And in the rooms below us, are the artist acoomadation, so we had Iron Maiden, staying beneath us!
To celebrate the end of our work, a group of us went to see A Million Ways to Die in the West. Followed by some food at streckers. And once again, Copenhagen did not disappoint with some street music.
I had the most expensive bottle of water in my life.
We applied make-up to Bryan.
And then group photos!!



Day 133: Showcase

Today was the public showcase for EUCROMA. After a morning of feedback sessions for the design team, we held an open doors event so anyone could come and check out what we had been doing for the last four months. I’m so glad to say, the projects were really well received and all were of high quality!


In the afternoon, each specialist group e.g. modellers, animators etc. had a post mortem session, where we could give feedback on how to improve the course for next year and what we had learned from the experience.

Day 132: Final Presentations

Today was the day that all five months of hard work had culminated in. Today, was our final presentations. Held in the film school cinema, each design team presented their storyworlds, business plans and demos to a panal of industry judges including companies such as Sony, Aardman and Microsoft.

In the afternoon, it was productions time to showcase their work, and talk with the panal, gaining their feedback. After an amazing but exhausting day, there was no better way to celebrate than with a bottle of bubbly. Space Team; WOOOOOO