Day 90 to 92: Beta Week 3

It’s been another hectic week at EUCROMA. On Monday and Tuesday I completed all of the game animations (which you will get to see next week when I have the final models I can attach them too) using the mocap data which we collected last week. On top of that, we are powering through the film, although this week we hit another bump. We finally got the redesigned spaceship and we still had the issue of the inside and outside not fitting together, although this time they are a similar shape.

cometInteriorOld cometInteriorNew

You can see the difference in the pictures above. Our new interior is far smaller as well as being shorter at the back. This means the dashboard was redesigned and the placement of everything moved. With these changes, I have spent the last three days moving, aligning and adjusting the animation for the majority of the shots for our film. It may have been a ton of extra work, but we really needed to do it. It seriously improves the continuity of our film and makes some of the shots more believable. These are the final changes for the film, no more will be happening, so from now on we can concentrate on polishing and finishing the shots.


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